About Me


Hi. My name is Stephanie Gaulrapp. I am pursuing my childhood dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. I currently am a server and do accounting and marketing at an insurance agency where I do hold a Minnesota Property and Casualty license. While I enjoy what I am doing right now, I feel like I have a bigger purpose in life. I cannot wait to impact the lives of many students in positive ways. In my free time I love to spend time with my family, look up recipes to make on Pinterest, and lay in the sun. I also enjoy traveling and am excited to say I will be going on my fourth cruise to the Caribbean winter 2016.

My five favorite math educational blogs include:

  1. Simply Skilled in Second – I like how this blog shows large & small group teaching as well as independent studies.
  2. The Teacher Studio – I like how colorful this blog is and that it includes open ended challenges.
  3. Math Giraffe – I like that this blog gives pointers to teachers especially me who is new to teaching.
  4. Cork board Connections – I like this blog because it provides examples that can be related to real life situations.
  5. Jennifer Findley: Teaching to Inspire – I liked how easy this blog was to read. Everything was laid out nicely and the colors made it easy to look at.